John Denham MP and Hywel Williams MP Lobby for Damp Wall Compensation

What do John Denham MP and Hywel Williams MP have in common?

John Denham MP    Hywell Williams MP

Yes, I know they are both MP’s; you will have to work a bit harder than that!

Got it? No, well I’ll tell you.

These two gentlemen are shouting as loud as they can, to wake up the government and those associated with the cavity wall insulation industry, to the massive issues that growing numbers of homeowners are experiencing in their homes.

  • Wet tide marked walls,
  • Peeling wallpaper,
  • Damaged paintwork and plaster.

Or monstrous amounts of unhealthy, black smelly mould. Costing £000’s to put right!

   Cavity Wall Damp


Would you want it? Not likely!

Despite the MP’s efforts, they are banging on a closed door.  The majority of installation companies have gone out of business. Those issuing the guarantees for the workmanship of these companies are not fit for purpose. If they can blame you for the damage, they will.

Yet still today, insulation is being installed wrongly and into homes that shouldn’t have cavity wall insulation at all.  Leaving some homeowners sitting on a time bomb!

So stop right there…

Do not assume the damp in your home is due to the need for a new damp proof course, new guttering, new rendering, or that there is a leak. Don’t continue to apply damp busting paint or any other fancy do dah, which claims to eradicate damp.

Yes! Stop right there. Did you have cavity wall insulation fitted?

You did? Then this may be the answer to why you now have damp in your home.

Now, you aren’t alone, there are many in the same boat. Family of ‘yours truly’ was once. Getting help to sort out the problems is here. We can help.

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