Council House or Housing Association Repair Compensation Claims


Doesn’t your council or housing association listen to you?

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If your home is poorly maintained, and despite requests from you, your landlord refuses to fix the problem, we can help!

To not only get the repairs done, but get compensation that you are entitled to.

Your landlord is legally bound to ensure your home is in a good and safe condition, especially regarding:

  • The exterior and structure of the building
  • The water works – piping, baths, sinks, drainage and toilets
  • Anything relating to gas or electric wiring
  • Making sure property is free from vermin infestation

Any of these issues in your home can cause disruption, damage to furniture and other possessions, personal injury or ill health.

If you have been affected by poor standards set by your landlord you may be eligible to claim compensation.

We are here to help, clear up any confusion, and put you in safe hands to obtain the compensation you should have!


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