Which Exposure Zone is My Home In?

Which exposure zone is my home in?

Did you even know, there were different exposure zones?
The exposure zone and wind driven rain is important when assessing Cavity Wall Insulation (CWI) issues, the more a property is subject to wind driven rain, so damp walls, condensation and mould is more likely.
You can see from the map image the approximate amount of wind driven rain, with a changing climate who is to say that these amounts won’t change?

British Rain Exposure Zones


Properties along the coast particularly the West coast do bear the brunt of what the Irish Sea or Atlantic can throw at us. Other coastal areas too, can suffer when the weather is giving us a blustery soaking.
Exposure zones can be localised, properties built at the top of a hill are likely to be affected more than those at the bottom or those snuggled in between, but those with an open aspect, front, back or sides, not even a Storm Doris need rage to create issues in properties fitted with CWI.
The numbers of people becoming aware that the mould or damp within their home could be due to the fitting of CWI is increasing daily and help is here. We are experts who help homeowners get compensation for the damages caused by wrongly installed Cavity Wall Insulation.
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