Brace yourself for Nigel: weather forecasters reveal list of storm names

UK and Irish forecasters hope names, chosen from public’s suggestions, will help raise awareness of storms and help people track them on social media

Nigel could soon be laying waste to the shores of Britain and Ireland. It is one of 21 names chosen by weather forecasters after a public appeal for suggestions to name powerful storms.

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wind and rain

After  a dry September and October the rain and wind is with us in force.

Yes, we will get wet, our brollies will blow inside out but what about our houses?

If you had damp before, it will get worse, if you didn’t and now you do what has changed? Is your damp proof course up to scratch is the guttering sound, have you had cavity wall insulation fitted?

What has Cavity wall insulation to do with it? Pre insulation = No damp, post insulation = damp, it might have everything to do with it.